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Monday, November 21, 2011

QR Codes in Education

QR Codes are awesome!  To kick off the Shoe Project at MCA the students participated in a short QR code fact finding mission!  They were given a short introduction on what QR codes are and then allowed to try their own.  We hope to utilize them more throughout the project.  The presentation and a link to their assignment is below.

Link to Additional Resources for Educators: http://nicolezumpano.wikispaces.com/QRCodes

Students: what do you think of QR Codes?  Would you like to use them in more classes?  Have you seen them before?


  1. Yes I would like to use qr codes in classes because I think it would be a good idea ora to otis for us to do.

  2. I love using the scanner even I just learned how to use it,it help you find things quickly we need that to find of answer

  3. I liked it because we could u would get to scan things and that is very cool then.

  4. It was easy and I would like to make my own . And I would like to have and adventure with It i would tliketo going around the school finding these and it will tell me were to go

  5. I think qr codes are fun and we should use them more often.We should use them for fun and for education.

  6. What I think of QR codes is that they are cool and fun to play with. Yes I would like to use them in more classes. Yes I have seen them before on many things.


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